Semiannual Outlook on Lowering US Heating Costs

America is a lovely place to call home but the climate is not always agreeable when it comes to your wallet. Many Americans have astronomical heating bills in the winter and with the El Nino weather experienced over the last few years, it is not any wonder that people are starting to feel the pinch. So with Fall, Winter and old Jack Frost around the corner here are a few tips to help you lower those heating costs.

1. Buy space heaters

Space heaters are around $10 and only cost around $20 a year to run. Central Heating is wonderful but it is too expensive.

2. If you have a fireplace, then use it

Go back to basics and use your fireplace. Firewood is relatively cheap and there are slow burning logs for sale if you want to make the investment. You are looking at about spending $100 for the season.

3. Go back to basics

If you really want to pinch those pennies, wrap yourself up in a blanket and buy a $1 pair of slippers. If you can save a penny by wrapping up, then why not?

4. Invest in insulated blackout curtains

Insulated curtains are around $100 but they will reduce heat loss by 25%. Not only do they help with the energy costs, but they allow you a better sleep.

5. Are your windows double glazed?

If you can afford the investment then double glazed windows might be an option for you and reduce energy bills by somewhere in the region of $500.

6. Fill any cracks in the seals of your doors and windows.

A bottle of cork is around $5 so why not go through the house and look for draughty holes to plug.

7. Use door covers

To prevent draughts, you can buy this long snake-like bean bags to put at the bottom of a door to trap the heat. They are cheap to buy and you might even want to make them yourself.

8. Insulate/double insulate your ceiling

Insulation helps reduce heat loss by 25-50%. Make the investment in a couple of rolls and help keep all that good heat from escaping through the roof.

9. Buy a thermostat with a timer

If you have a programmable thermostat then use it. You can set the house to heat based on the forecast for the day to make sure you only use the heat you need.

10. Migrate for the winter

Now, this may seem odd, but many people do this. Ask yourself what the warmest room in your house is and stay in that room only. Close off the vents to the other rooms and focus on heating and living in that room alone.

11. Invest in a UK tradition, hot water bottles

Hot water bottles are a great way to keep warm during the day and a great way to heat the bed. You can buy them online and they are about $11. All you do is fill them with boiling water and they stay hot for hours.

12. Invest in electric shop heaters

If you have a man who likes to hang out in his garage/man cave, then make sure he is warm for the winter. Electric shop heaters are energy efficient and range from $150 up, depending on the options.

So those are just a few helpful tips to get you through the season. We hope this information helps you save a buck or two.