Politicians Can Be Musicians, Too!

We know politicians as figure heads of a country. They tend to be busy and have to face people every day whether they be ordinary citizens or other government employees in a meeting or gathering. It is quite exhausting even just to think about it. But remember, politicians are human too. They still need to rest and have rights just like others. A politician can even have their own hobbies too. Their hobbies could involve crafting, cooking, or sport, for example. But as they say, music is a universal language, and if we are to look at it more carefully, music has a connection even to politics. 

But setting that aside, like other people, politicians can be musicians too. They can sing or learn how to play instruments or even both. There are actually benefits to learning new instruments. The first is the physical advantage.

By learning to play an instrument, you can actually help with improving your posture, believe it or not. Because of this, it can make it very helpful in your job of constantly facing and interacting with other people, delivering speeches, and even with just sitting at your desk and working. Improved posture will help a person carry themselves more as a professional.

It doesn’t stop there though, learning how to play an instrument can also help mentally. Music can reduce stress, and it is an added bonus to be able to play it in whatever style you want. It also great for developing concentration and improving your memory, which is a must with the job of a politician. Another must with a politician’s job involves the social aspect, and this can be developed with the help of music too. First, it helps in building confidence because when learning a new instrument you’ll need a bit of confidence to play in front of others, especially as you get better. And because music requires concentration, it is a good way to practice becoming a good listener. Not only that, music has a tendency to bring people together in a community setting that will be useful for forming friendships and connections. Learning instruments will also be good for helping you to learn to manage your time better since it requires fitting a hobby into an already busy schedule – hence learning to plan ahead. With an exhausting job like that of a politician, this will be a favorable skill to possess. Not only can you learn something new, but it will be a great opportunity to develop your basic social skills without requiring extra time.

Learning to be a musician is quite simple. Singing requires talent but even an average voice can be developed over time. Singing is not really for everyone though. Instruments, on the other hand, are much different. One may not have a talent for an instrument at the outset, but with practice and determination, it can be developed. How?

First things first, you have to choose an instrument to learn. It could even be two or more at a time. This is not impossible, but it will much better to concentrate on one at first. Having a second instrument to learn is something you can add in later. Of course in choosing instruments, you’ll have to buy one, and there are a ton to choose from. After that, another aspect is knowing which genre you want to play. We have our own personalities and tastes and at times this shows us what kind of music we like. That is no different for politicians, either. When learning, it is important to know about your tastes and intentions as this will affect your style and technique for playing. 

To be a musician, there will be ups and downs along the way. It’s simply not an easy path. To become proficient, one must be patient, determined, and adaptable – all of which are traits important for being a politician as well.