How To Prepare Your Home’s Yard For Displaying Your Political Pride

Election season is upon us. As a result, many people are gearing up to display their political pride. Whether that’s in the form of displaying a candidate’s sign or simply displaying your patriotic position, there is some prep work to ensure you’re successful. But never fear, with a few simple steps, your yard can be ready for anything.

Step 1: Love your lawn.

It’s true, no one loves lawn work; however, keeping a tidy lawn sets the stage for anything else that you might want to do. Of course, the foundation for this is mowing the grass. According to Lawn and Mower.Com, every type of grass and every lawn is different. Finding the right height and right frequency of mowing is important to making sure your lawn is both healthy and beautiful. Edging and weed-eating is also important in setting the stage. After all, you don’t want people looking at your weeds instead of your words!

Step 2: Declutter.

If you’ve let clutter start to accumulate around your home, now is a good time to take care of it. Make sure that any items that aren’t in use are put away. That’s what garages are for! When you think about making a political statement, think of it as making a first impression. By representing a person or an ideal, you are becoming a brand ambassador. If you were representing a company, you wouldn’t present yourself in an untidy way, so you need to think of your home in the same way. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure you and your home are ready to make that first impression a good one.

Step 3: Keep your driveway clean and clear.

Much like your lawn, your driveway is one of the most important factors in creating an attractive curb appeal. Make sure to keep it free and clear of dirt and weeds. If it looks a bit aged and weathered, you might want to bust out a pressure washer to bring it back to life. You can find affordable pressure washers of all shapes and sizes these days, so even if you don’t have your own or you can’t borrow one from a neighbor you should be able to find something within your budget. After all, if you plan to set up a table where you can give handouts to passer-byes and spread your message, your driveway will be a key component to your campaign.

Step 4: Make your master plan.

When an architect begins work to build a new home or business, they look at the entire space. They design the building to fit within the space they have available. When you are preparing to display your political pride, you need to consider the space in your yard too. If you are adding a flag pole, is it clearly visible from the street? Is it free from obstructions such as limbs or power poles? If you are adding a sign for a candidate, is it in a position where it can be clearly read? What does the overall yard look like with your new additions? It’s like the old adage says, “Measure twice; cut once.” It’s much easier to make a good plan when you lay everything out first. If you just start adding features, you’re likely to end up making difficult (and sometimes costly) changes later.

Step 5: Dress it up.

To make sure your message makes a statement, don’t just stop with the basics. Really take the time to dress up your yard. Add seasonal flowers. Consider adding some professional landscaping. Even simple stone edges around featured areas of your yard can really make a positive impact. You should be proud of your nation, and you should be proud of your yard. Together, you are presenting that message of pride to the neighborhood and the community at large, so take the extra time to really make your yard stand out.

By following these four basic steps, your yard can be the perfect frame to display your political pride. And along the way, you can make your homeowner’s association proud in the process. Happy planning!

Let your voice be heard!

Many people say, “I’m just one person”. What many people don’t realize is that one accounts for a whole group of people. With the way the world is today it is important now more than ever for all of us to stand up and vote. Exercise our rights as the American people to be heard and to make a difference in our world, the world we are leaving to our children.

Voting isn’t just important because it’s our duty as Americans. It is also our right and obligation to the United states. We as a people have a say so in the decisions throughout the political world. Misinformation has led to many young people thinking that there is no reason to waste their time in politics, but, that’s the problem! The more we take on this lazy mindset of not making a difference the further this world falls from the hands of the people into the hands of the government.

All of the different issues at hand we have some control over. Voting is not about who becomes the next President of The United States or whose in office. Voting also resides on a much smaller scale as well such as the schools, our communities, our jobs, families, and our lives in general.

Every year we are bombarded with slogans and ad campaigns to many different issues we are facing, from politicians in office to school dress codes. That’s where we as Americans need to step up and make a difference instead of just having opinions how things should change, stand up and be the start needed to make change. Take the time to research different issues in your community and your country. Read, learn how you can take charge starting with voting. If everyone that believes they are no one would learn the issues we are faced with and take the time to vote and allow themselves to be heard it would make a big difference in the outcome of the people.

It’s time as Americans, as a whole, stand up for this country and teach our young and old alike how important it is to vote. Leave a country worth living in to our future generations.