Politicians Can Be Musicians, Too!

We know politicians as figure heads of a country. They tend to be busy and have to face people every day whether they be ordinary citizens or other government employees in a meeting or gathering. It is quite exhausting even just to think about it. But remember, politicians are human too. They still need to rest and have rights just like others. A politician can even have their own hobbies too. Their hobbies could involve crafting, cooking, or sport, for example. But as they say, music is a universal language, and if we are to look at it more carefully, music has a connection even to politics. 

But setting that aside, like other people, politicians can be musicians too. They can sing or learn how to play instruments or even both. There are actually benefits to learning new instruments. The first is the physical advantage.

By learning to play an instrument, you can actually help with improving your posture, believe it or not. Because of this, it can make it very helpful in your job of constantly facing and interacting with other people, delivering speeches, and even with just sitting at your desk and working. Improved posture will help a person carry themselves more as a professional.

It doesn’t stop there though, learning how to play an instrument can also help mentally. Music can reduce stress, and it is an added bonus to be able to play it in whatever style you want. It also great for developing concentration and improving your memory, which is a must with the job of a politician. Another must with a politician’s job involves the social aspect, and this can be developed with the help of music too. First, it helps in building confidence because when learning a new instrument you’ll need a bit of confidence to play in front of others, especially as you get better. And because music requires concentration, it is a good way to practice becoming a good listener. Not only that, music has a tendency to bring people together in a community setting that will be useful for forming friendships and connections. Learning instruments will also be good for helping you to learn to manage your time better since it requires fitting a hobby into an already busy schedule – hence learning to plan ahead. With an exhausting job like that of a politician, this will be a favorable skill to possess. Not only can you learn something new, but it will be a great opportunity to develop your basic social skills without requiring extra time.

Learning to be a musician is quite simple. Singing requires talent but even an average voice can be developed over time. Singing is not really for everyone though. Instruments, on the other hand, are much different. One may not have a talent for an instrument at the outset, but with practice and determination, it can be developed. How?

First things first, you have to choose an instrument to learn. It could even be two or more at a time. This is not impossible, but it will much better to concentrate on one at first. Having a second instrument to learn is something you can add in later. Of course in choosing instruments, you’ll have to buy one, and there are a ton to choose from. After that, another aspect is knowing which genre you want to play. We have our own personalities and tastes and at times this shows us what kind of music we like. That is no different for politicians, either. When learning, it is important to know about your tastes and intentions as this will affect your style and technique for playing. 

To be a musician, there will be ups and downs along the way. It’s simply not an easy path. To become proficient, one must be patient, determined, and adaptable – all of which are traits important for being a politician as well. 

How To Spruce Up Your Political Office

When you’re in politics there’s a lot to be said for appearance. It may actually be more important than what you do at your job on a daily basis. The public’s votes keep you in office, and the public’s opinion of you is what gets them to vote in the first place. There are so many ways that you’re making an impression on the public as a politician, and one small sector of that is the appearance of your office where you spend your days working when you’re not on the road.

In short and informative post we’ll go over some of the simple things you can do to spruce up your office, so that you’ll have that extra boost of confidence when visitors come to speak with you.

A Leather Chair or Couch

The very first thing that probably comes to mind when outfitting a political office is that it has to be warm and welcoming to visitors. Nothing suits this need more perfectly than a lush and comfortable leather chair or couch for your visitors to sit in. A dark brown leather tends to be the best fit for the color schemes used in most political offices, but you may need to use your discretion if your color scheme is a bit non-standard.

A Bold Desk

They say a desk is only as bold as the person sitting behind it, and I’m inclined to side with that statement. You’re still going to want a nice large desk with a spacious desktop for your political office though. It’s a good idea to get the colors to match well with the leather chair that we just discussed. It should be a relatively easy feat, and the combination of the two pieces of furniture will have maximum appeal.

Calming Plants

With the furnishing foundations out of the way, it’s time to turn to a few extra accessories that you can add to really bring the appeal of your office to the forefront. What better way to start than with some calming potted plants? Some of the top choices are peace lilies, orchids, and snake plants. They are relatively easy to maintain and very pleasant on the eyes. A couple of carefully placed potted plants throughout your office can certainly help to make a great impression on your visitors.

Aromatherapy via an Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy really has to be subtle, because if you overdo it you can easily offend your visitors. With that in mind, having a nice subtle aroma to your room can easily put your visitors at ease. Go with something neutral and pleasant. The main purpose is to fill the aroma void so that you’re not smelling the stale aromas of yesterday’s lunch, or perhaps another visitor’s egg sandwich from the morning. Find a nice looking oil diffuser to put it in and tuck it in the corner of the room. Not necessarily out of site, but at least out of the center of attention.

Subtle Ambience with Electric Fireplace

Now you really have a solid baseline put in place, it’s time to get fancy. You can do this with any number of ambience-enhancing objects, but my personal favorite recommendation of the day is to get an electric fireplace. You’ll get many of the benefits of a real fireplace in your office, and they can easily be installed where a traditional fireplace is simply not an option. Just think of how inviting your office could be with the additional ambience of a fireplace.

If you’ve gone ahead and put this extra effort into making your office inviting and welcoming for your visitors, then you’re well on your way. Take note of how your visitors act next time they come to see you. Do they seem at ease? Do they look around the room with a smile on their face? If so, you’ve done a great job. Let us know how it works for you!

Discussion: Should Paintball Gun Use Be Regulated for Children Under 18?

Ever since paintball was first developed, it has resulted in a lot of controversy. Some people view it as a harmless and entertaining sport while others worry that paintball usage may glorify violence and be potentially dangerous. A lot of the debate around paintball guns focuses on whether or not people below the age of 18 should have access to paintball guns. To determine whether or not paintball guns should be regulated for children under the age of 18, it is necessary to consider the potential safety, options for misuse, and links to violence associated with paintball use among minors.

One of the biggest reasons that people discuss paintball regulations is due to safety concerns. There have been a few highly publicized incidents of children getting hurt while playing with paintball guns, but the reality is that these are few and far between. With only 45 out of 100,000 participants getting injured each year, paintball is one of the most statistically safe sports. It results in far less eye and other injuries than common games like basketball, hockey, and baseball. Injuries tend to happen when people play paintball in casual settings without any masks or other safety equipment. However, as long as minors are wearing proper safety gear, paintball guns are not dangerous.

Another common concern about minors using paintball guns is the worry that it may glorify violence, gun culture, or warfare. This may be a common complaint among those who are not familiar with paintball, but fans of the game tend to disagree strongly. People who actually play paintball report that it is more like a sport than a war game. Most paintball leagues require participants to use neutral language like “I got you” instead of “I shot you,” and the majority of guns are not designed to look like an actual weapon. Paintball may actually be helpful at reducing violent tendencies in isolated teens since it encourages social bonding, promotes physical and outdoor exercise, teaches about the value of teamwork, and provides a way to blow off steam safely.

Paintball may be safe both mentally and physically, but this does not mean that there are no downsides associated with minors using paintball guns. There have been many incidences of paintball guns being used to vandalize signs, damage buildings, scare or hurt random bystanders, and attack rivals. Many cases of paintball guns seriously harming people occur during these sorts of instances, not during actual games. Since paintball guns have a high potential for misuse when minors can access them at any time, it may be wise to provide at least some regulation for how minors can acquire the guns.

In general, statistics support the idea that paintball is typically safe and provides a healthy outlet for excess energy. However, there can be some issues with minors misusing guns for vandalism or bullying. Because there are both pros and cons associated with paintball usage, the best option may be a balanced approach that provides some regulation without banning paintball guns for minors altogether. A good option may be allowing minors to use guns on a regulated course but not allowing them to buy their own. This could ensure that proper safety regulations are followed and that the guns cannot be misused.

How To Prepare Your Home’s Yard For Displaying Your Political Pride

Election season is upon us. As a result, many people are gearing up to display their political pride. Whether that’s in the form of displaying a candidate’s sign or simply displaying your patriotic position, there is some prep work to ensure you’re successful. But never fear, with a few simple steps, your yard can be ready for anything.

Step 1: Love your lawn.

It’s true, no one loves lawn work; however, keeping a tidy lawn sets the stage for anything else that you might want to do. Of course, the foundation for this is mowing the grass. According to Lawn and Mower.Com, every type of grass and every lawn is different. Finding the right height and right frequency of mowing is important to making sure your lawn is both healthy and beautiful. Edging and weed-eating is also important in setting the stage. After all, you don’t want people looking at your weeds instead of your words!

Step 2: Declutter.

If you’ve let clutter start to accumulate around your home, now is a good time to take care of it. Make sure that any items that aren’t in use are put away. That’s what garages are for! When you think about making a political statement, think of it as making a first impression. By representing a person or an ideal, you are becoming a brand ambassador. If you were representing a company, you wouldn’t present yourself in an untidy way, so you need to think of your home in the same way. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure you and your home are ready to make that first impression a good one.

Step 3: Keep your driveway clean and clear.

Much like your lawn, your driveway is one of the most important factors in creating an attractive curb appeal. Make sure to keep it free and clear of dirt and weeds. If it looks a bit aged and weathered, you might want to bust out a pressure washer to bring it back to life. You can find affordable pressure washers of all shapes and sizes these days, so even if you don’t have your own or you can’t borrow one from a neighbor you should be able to find something within your budget. After all, if you plan to set up a table where you can give handouts to passer-byes and spread your message, your driveway will be a key component to your campaign.

Step 4: Make your master plan.

When an architect begins work to build a new home or business, they look at the entire space. They design the building to fit within the space they have available. When you are preparing to display your political pride, you need to consider the space in your yard too. If you are adding a flag pole, is it clearly visible from the street? Is it free from obstructions such as limbs or power poles? If you are adding a sign for a candidate, is it in a position where it can be clearly read? What does the overall yard look like with your new additions? It’s like the old adage says, “Measure twice; cut once.” It’s much easier to make a good plan when you lay everything out first. If you just start adding features, you’re likely to end up making difficult (and sometimes costly) changes later.

Step 5: Dress it up.

To make sure your message makes a statement, don’t just stop with the basics. Really take the time to dress up your yard. Add seasonal flowers. Consider adding some professional landscaping. Even simple stone edges around featured areas of your yard can really make a positive impact. You should be proud of your nation, and you should be proud of your yard. Together, you are presenting that message of pride to the neighborhood and the community at large, so take the extra time to really make your yard stand out.

By following these four basic steps, your yard can be the perfect frame to display your political pride. And along the way, you can make your homeowner’s association proud in the process. Happy planning!

Semiannual Outlook on Lowering US Heating Costs

America is a lovely place to call home but the climate is not always agreeable when it comes to your wallet. Many Americans have astronomical heating bills in the winter and with the El Nino weather experienced over the last few years, it is not any wonder that people are starting to feel the pinch. So with Fall, Winter and old Jack Frost around the corner here are a few tips to help you lower those heating costs.

1. Buy space heaters

Space heaters are around $10 and only cost around $20 a year to run. Central Heating is wonderful but it is too expensive.

2. If you have a fireplace, then use it

Go back to basics and use your fireplace. Firewood is relatively cheap and there are slow burning logs for sale if you want to make the investment. You are looking at about spending $100 for the season.

3. Go back to basics

If you really want to pinch those pennies, wrap yourself up in a blanket and buy a $1 pair of slippers. If you can save a penny by wrapping up, then why not?

4. Invest in insulated blackout curtains

Insulated curtains are around $100 but they will reduce heat loss by 25%. Not only do they help with the energy costs, but they allow you a better sleep.

5. Are your windows double glazed?

If you can afford the investment then double glazed windows might be an option for you and reduce energy bills by somewhere in the region of $500.

6. Fill any cracks in the seals of your doors and windows.

A bottle of cork is around $5 so why not go through the house and look for draughty holes to plug.

7. Use door covers

To prevent draughts, you can buy this long snake-like bean bags to put at the bottom of a door to trap the heat. They are cheap to buy and you might even want to make them yourself.

8. Insulate/double insulate your ceiling

Insulation helps reduce heat loss by 25-50%. Make the investment in a couple of rolls and help keep all that good heat from escaping through the roof.

9. Buy a thermostat with a timer

If you have a programmable thermostat then use it. You can set the house to heat based on the forecast for the day to make sure you only use the heat you need.

10. Migrate for the winter

Now, this may seem odd, but many people do this. Ask yourself what the warmest room in your house is and stay in that room only. Close off the vents to the other rooms and focus on heating and living in that room alone.

11. Invest in a UK tradition, hot water bottles

Hot water bottles are a great way to keep warm during the day and a great way to heat the bed. You can buy them online and they are about $11. All you do is fill them with boiling water and they stay hot for hours.

12. Invest in electric shop heaters

If you have a man who likes to hang out in his garage/man cave, then make sure he is warm for the winter. Electric shop heaters are energy efficient and range from $150 up, depending on the options.

So those are just a few helpful tips to get you through the season. We hope this information helps you save a buck or two.

Review of Senator Jon McCain’s Career

Childhood and Early Life

John Sidney McCain III was born in a naval station in Panama known as the Coco Solo on August 29, 1936. He was born into a family of four-star admirals with his father later John S McCain junior later rising to command the United States naval forces in the Pacific. Since Senator John McCain grew up in a family that held military service in high regard he spent most of his childhood years moving from one military base to the other in America and abroad.

Military Career

Following his family history McCain went ahead and joined the United States Naval academy where he graduated bottom his class in 1958, the low performance was attributed by his indifference and he says the subjects that were taught were not in his line of interest. He also graduated from flight school in 1960 which later advised his interest to volunteer for combat duty with the outbreak of the Vietnam War.

His flying training had him fly career-based attack planes bombing runs against the Vietnamese. It was during this period on July 29, 1967, in the Gulf of Tonkin that his jet was inadvertently shot by a missile triggering a fire that killed 134 people and left him with a serious injury. However, he recovered and went back to active duty, that same year on October 26, 1967, his jet was shot down while doing a bombing run over Hanoi, the North Vietnam capital. He was badly injured as the plane crashed into the Truc Bach Lake and captured by North Vietnamese who confined and tortured then later on December 9, 1969, moved to Hoa Loa prison which was famously known as “Hanoa Hilton”.

McCain was in prison for a total of five years being in solitary confinement for most of that time. When his captors learned that his father John S McCain Jr. was a high ranking Navy officer they tried to offer him early release but McCain refused and asked to be released together with other prisoners of war, he also knew the Vietnamese would use his release as propaganda. Finally, he was released in 1973, two months after the cease-fire took effect with other American prisoners, and he got a hero’s welcome back at home with several service awards, including the Silver Star, Purple Heart, Legion of Merit and Distinguished Flying Cross. Despite the injuries he sustained in prison McCain still went back to serve as a naval aviator for a nine-month period.

Life in Politics

McCain joined politics in 1976 when he became the Navy’s liaison officer to the U.S Senate. He then moved to Phoenix, Arizona with his second wife Cindy Hensley and worked as a public relations officer in his father-in-law’s beer distribution firm. McCain used this position to advance his connection in the political arena. McCain used his war record to help him clinch the seat in the U.S House of Representatives, and with the retirement of the Arizona senator Barry Goldwater, McCain went for the seat and was elected senator.

McCain was a force to reckon with in the Senate being bold in questioning the ruling Republican orthodoxy he earned the nickname ‘The Maverick ’.

In 1980 McCain was accused to be involved in a scandal of improperly intervening with federal policy to favor Charles Keating, Jr. He was however cleared by the Senate in 1991 for any illegal dealings. In 2000, he unsuccessfully ran against George W Bush for Republican Presidential nomination. Then after aligning himself with Bush in 2007 he secured a Republican nomination and ran against the Democrat’s candidate Barrack Obama.

Let your voice be heard!

Many people say, “I’m just one person”. What many people don’t realize is that one accounts for a whole group of people. With the way the world is today it is important now more than ever for all of us to stand up and vote. Exercise our rights as the American people to be heard and to make a difference in our world, the world we are leaving to our children.

Voting isn’t just important because it’s our duty as Americans. It is also our right and obligation to the United states. We as a people have a say so in the decisions throughout the political world. Misinformation has led to many young people thinking that there is no reason to waste their time in politics, but, that’s the problem! The more we take on this lazy mindset of not making a difference the further this world falls from the hands of the people into the hands of the government.

All of the different issues at hand we have some control over. Voting is not about who becomes the next President of The United States or whose in office. Voting also resides on a much smaller scale as well such as the schools, our communities, our jobs, families, and our lives in general.

Every year we are bombarded with slogans and ad campaigns to many different issues we are facing, from politicians in office to school dress codes. That’s where we as Americans need to step up and make a difference instead of just having opinions how things should change, stand up and be the start needed to make change. Take the time to research different issues in your community and your country. Read, learn how you can take charge starting with voting. If everyone that believes they are no one would learn the issues we are faced with and take the time to vote and allow themselves to be heard it would make a big difference in the outcome of the people.

It’s time as Americans, as a whole, stand up for this country and teach our young and old alike how important it is to vote. Leave a country worth living in to our future generations.