Meet Angelo and Terri Morrill. This passionate couple first met in the summer of ’07, when they both moved to Tucson to find work while on break – Angelo from Notre Dame and Terri from Alabama State. Angelo was working as a bartender at Tucson’s Scott & Co., and Terri as a waitress.

Having so much in common, the two quickly became close confidants. It wasn’t long before their coworkers recognized them as an “item”, and the rest is history.

As we all know, the summer of 2007 was just the beginning of the long and strenuous 2008 election season that came be to. As strong and life-long supporters of Senator John McCain and passionately active members of the political community, the two were more than thrilled to hop on board the official Sen. John McCain Presidential Campaign. While the election ultimately was not decided as they liked, they were extremely proud of all they’d done for the campaign and sought to continue making an impact in politics throughout their live.

Thus began their internet ventures, as they created a storm of websites focusing on small enthusiats groups within the political environment. Their latest installment,, is a continuation of those ventures, focusing on the political career of Senator John McCain, and topics that would generally be supported by the community. If you’re a fan of the Arizona Senator, then rest assured you’re in the right place. We’d love for you to get involved in the community, so stick around, leave some comments, and get in touch if you have something to contribute to our news page!

God Bless,

Angelo & Terri